Thursday, 17 November 2016

Trip to Motat

On Tuesday the 15th of November we went on a trip to Motat but first we went into the hall so that they can. Put us into our group after that Mrs Lavakula said to her group to stand up and she told some other groups to stand up and we went and waited in the breeze for the bus to was nearly 10:00 clock and the bus came for us to leave.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Reading Comprehension

Barrel cactusgreen cactus thornsgolden barrel cactus
Cacti are those plants with sharp spikes on them that live in dry places.
This task is about reading to recall information. Answer the following questions by highlighting what answer you think is correct.
The writer grew cacti plants because she liked
(A)   their colours and prickles.
(B)   their leaves and pots.
(C)   the fact they were easy to buy.
(D)   their weird shapes and spines.
The thing that is special about the plants called "succulents" is that they
(A)   can do without water longer than other plants.
(B)   can be eaten.
(C)   are green all year.
(D)   can hold water in their prickles.
Cacti store water in their
(A)   leaves.
(B)   needles.
(C)   roots.
(D)   stems.
Succulents grow where there isn't much water. They grow in high mountains because
(A)   there is little rain.
(B)   the water flows down the mountain.
(C)   the water freezes.
(D)   the wind dries the rain.
What do cacti use most often to protect themselves from the sun?
(A)   Spines
(B)   Leaves
(C)   Nearby rocks
(D)   Passing clouds
Why do birds and insects bore holes into cacti?
(A)   For water
(B)   To eat the spines
(C)   To use them as homes
(D)   To protect the cactus

Screenshot 2016-10-20 at 10.28.48.png                 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Into the Cave

Into the cave!
On a sunny morning a little family went on an adventure in a cave.
When the ground was shaking and their little family tried to get out but the rocks fell so they ran to the the left. Then they ran to the right but it was full of rocks so they tried calling for help but they left their phones in their car.
While they were waiting for someone to come and rescue them they started to. Get hungry so they looked in their bags and they had water and sandwiches for lunch. Some of them got bored of waiting so they checked in their if they
bought some toys.

Mum and dad started to get sleepy so they closed their eyes for little bit then. They heard someone digging the rocks out and they saw a little hole on the
side of the cave. When they got out they didn’t know what to say so they invited them for dinner to say thank you when they finished their dinner they walked them out  and they said good bye.

And they never went to the cave again  

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Narrative Writing

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full 

Once upon a time on a sunny morning a small family who lived in a small house was playing outside on the lake when their mum decided.They could go kayaking so they all got into their swimming togs and went outside onto their kayaking boat  but first they put on their life jackets when they got into the kayaking boat  they started to paddle and paddle then they felt something weird on the bottom of the kayaking boat it felt like someone was knocking on a door but louder so they looked down and they saw something long and green. So he told his mum it could be a crocodile.
So they paddle faster and faster untill they got tired when they looked back they saw it again so they went as fast as they could.
             THE END

Monday, 5 September 2016

Saane Wheelbarrow Race

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!
WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

On Tuesday the 30th of August Room 9 went to the Breeze for the Wheelbarrow race I felt excited  because i didn't know what was going to happen when we got to the Breeze Room 9 sat down on the side of the Breeze and we waited for Mr Baxendine to tell us what to do.
I felt a little bit angry because Mr Baxendine had a wheelbarrow and Room 9 had to use their hands and it was not fair because the person on the. Wheelbarrow was going faster than us when I first got on my hands on the floor and Mr Baxendine said goo Petesa just dropped  me.  

It was cheating because Mr Baxendine had a Wheelbarrow and all of the girls did not we all used our hands and it was hard to do it straight i felt Weak because when Petesa holded my legs it already felt like I was going to fall.
I felt happy and excited that we had done the Wheelbarrow race it was so fun

Thursday, 1 September 2016


I have been reading about Mustelids and I made a presentation to tell you them. I think they are bad because they eat our birds and their eggs.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Saane Problem Solving

Saane Winning Gold!

Winning Gold!

Walt: create mood in our writing

I am at the Rio Olympics 2016 I am standing on the podium and I can hear people Screaming,Shouting and crying I was so nervous and excited when the judges gave me my Gold medal I heard big and loud booms fireworks finally the fireworks were louder than the normal fireworks when I looked around the at people it was like there was almost 2000 people I saw my Family Crying. I could smell nice foods that my family had made and the other people and I could smell Smoke from the fireworks.

The judges had gave me a beautiful big Gold medal I felt so proud about myself because I made my Family smile and cry when I was Standing on the podium I heard people taking pictures.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Saane Egg 20metre .Sprint

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: write an interesting recount by adding detail to the end of our sentences.

if you liked my story then you can click the link below
Egg Sprint

Monday, 1 August 2016

We are the champions

We are the Champions!Foyer PNG.png

Sadly the Holidays were over and it was the beginning of term 3 I woke up early and got dressed and I put on my shoes and I waited in the van for my mum when we got to school Room 9/10 lined up to go to the hall.So for term 3 our theme is We are the Champions.
I saw Mr Jacobson recording with his camera and saw our theme on the big screen.
Team 4 is learning about Olympics Exposed Mascots,virus,drugs  
I'm looking forward to winning cross country

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Saane Carrots!

Carrots!  IMG_3012.JPG
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

        WALT: write a recount.

Write Here:  
On Monday when i first came into class i saw 2 bags of carrots and little pieces of wood.there was 3 small woods and 3 big woods.
Mr Baxendine told Julieanna and calais to hand out the Knife and Mr Baxendine handed out the Carrots. When Mr Baxendine said  you can start now all of the. Room 9 people starred carving
And cutting.
My carrots name is Emily she has small eyes and a big mouth her hair is short

My highlight was to cut the carrot up

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Saane Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!    

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

On Monday Morning Room 9 was sitting down and Mr Baxendine was doing the roll when i noticed a paper on the wall it said DO NOT TOUCH and then i saw two boxes and tissue on the table.
Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 10.03.55.png
My Friend Tepaia Blindfolded me With a black bandana it was a little bit scary because i didn’t know what was going to happen and i didn’t know what was in the cup.
Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 10.06.01.png

It tasted like chocolate wobbly mosse and it tasted very weird,yuck and funny
Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 10.09.00.png
My Highlight is when Tepaia gave me the cup and i put my finger in it tasted really funny
Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 10.09.00.png

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Saane Opinion:Gorilla shot dead

World news in brief: Gorilla shot dead after grabbing boy

All the round-up of the news you need to know from around the globe
The Sunday Times, May 29 2016, 6:00pm, The Sunday Times

17-year-old gorilla Harambe is the first animal to be killed by the zoo’s dangerous animal response team

A gorilla was shot dead at a zoo in America yesterday after it grabbed hold of a four-year-old boy who had fallen into the moat around its enclosure.

Cincinnati zoo officials said the boy fell after he climbed through a public barrier at the Gorilla World exhibit on Saturday afternoon. He was picked up out of the moat and dragged by the gorilla for about 10 minutes.

Zoo Director Thane Maynard said the zoo’s dangerous animal response team decided the boy was in “a life-threatening situation” and that they needed to put down the 17-year-old 400-pound-plus male gorilla called Harambe.

Zoo director Thane Maynard said: "[The officials] made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life. It could have been very bad."

He said a tranquilliser would not have had a quick enough effect.
Mr Maynard said that although the boy was not under attack, he "certainly was at risk".
He added: "We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss for the zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide."
Two female gorillas in the enclosure did not approach the child and were unharmed.

WALT: Make an informed opinion.

List Five Facts
  1. The little boy was four years old  
  2. The gorilla was 400 pounds
  3. The Gorilla is a male
  4. The gorilla is strong
  5. And the Gorilla was dangerous   


Do you think the Gorilla should have been shot?

What’s your opinion and why? (3 sentences)
I think the  Gorilla shouldn't gotten shot because it was the little kid’s fault he climbed on the Fence  the parents should not let him  climb up the fence . they should  not let  their Four year old kid climb up a tall Fence   

Friday, 3 June 2016

Saane Narrative - Will He Save Her

Start Writing Here:
It was a dark night and a woman was working at the shop  her name was Emily it was about 8:o clock and Emily was closing the shop.Suddenly a joker came and pushed Emily into a deep lake Superman was walking  past the shop and he heard a woman shouting HELP HElP Superman jumped into the lake and grabbed the lady and saved her she said thank you  Superman and Superman said it’s ok if something wrong happens to you again you can tell me said Superman. Ok said Emily
What happened said Superman i was just going to close the shop but then someone pushed me into the deep lake did you see who it was said Superman
I only saw the face and it was smiling at me with lipstick around it’s lip’s Joker  Superman said  thank you for telling me who it was no thank you said Emily
The End

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Superhero Speech Marks

Superman said, “To Captain America “if you lose i get use your money,” then Captain America said no if you lose i get to borough your cap so they played chess and Superman won so than  Superman spend Captain America’s money. The end

Monday, 9 May 2016

Speech Marks.

Today Mr Baxendine how to use speech marks so this is what Room 9 had to do 
1. put speech marks before and after the exact words spoken by someone.#

2. put a comma (or a ?, .) between the speech marks and the words that tell you who is talking 

3.Always start the first word in the speech marks with a capital letter .