Friday, 3 July 2015

Term 2 Fireworks MTV

Firework Aisha Saane Petesa from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Bouncy castle

On Friday half of Room 12 and 11 went down to the field when we climbed down the the stairs we were already in a big long line.when the other classes got a turn the line got smaller and smaller when we got our turn we were excited to have a go first we had to climb up the stairs next we had to wait for the person who is in front of you to have a turn. when i got a turn i did a big jump and then i slided we had to have two turns and then it was. the other classes turn we had to go back to class and do our homework.


on a starless night a old man lived in a lighthouse the old man was doing his home work and then the old man got angry because the other houses were having a party so he slammed the widow when he slammed the window all of the lights turned off so he claimed all the way up the lighthouse and when he got there he saw a big machine it was big and brown he looked all around it and he saw a big box of tools so he got the big box of tools and moved it away so then the old man saw a class and he opened it and there was nafiye inside he tried to lift it up but it was to heavy so he fell down and cracked the class he cracked it because he didn't know that the box of tools was behind him so he tripped and fell and then he got up and heard a boat horn and he saw it was nearly going to hit the big rocks when he just opened the door all of the other houses came to help him out so that the boat can know its nearly going to hit the big rocks so all of the people climbed all the way up the lighthouse and then the boat moved away when the boat moved away the they all lived happily ever after The End