Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Saane Vocanologist

INTRODUCTION Volcanologists are the people who helps us when there is a Volcano Explode when a Volcano Explodes it feels like there's a tornado happening close cause if the volcano Explodes the ground Go’s shakey. WHAT DO VOLCANOLOGIST WEAR When the Volcanologists are close to the Volcano they have to wear Breathing apparatus and heavy Gloves so that when they lift up the heavy rock it's not that heavy they have to wear a helmet so that if a little rock falls on there head it won't hurt

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Kiwisport coach

WHAT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH DO? a Kiwisport coach is a kind of man or woman who teaches us children sports and how to run extra fast if we don’t listen to the Kiwisport coach then we won’t know what to do if you don’t listen to the coach and you're talking to your friend you won’t even know what to do otherwise the coach will get upset or angry Sometimes coaches get upset at us kids because we sometimes not listen to the coach kiwisport coaches go to lots of Schools to teach the other kids sport. WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWISPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR? kiwisport coaches wear black blue and white some other coaches wear blue and white Kiwisport coaches need some sport gear so that when we go and do Kiwi sport the kiwisport coaches already have a gear so when we warm up we already got baseballs and high jumps and all of the other gear like skipping ropes HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWISPORT COACH? Kiwisport coaches have to train hard and work hard and have to do shots on the basketball net some of the coaches who just stared then they will have to train more harder and work more harder and train kids in the world

Monday, 21 September 2015

Cross Country

On Monday the whole entire school did Cross Country
we only had to run around the field  one lap but that was okay cause the field was to big for the kids Mr Burt had a clapper so that when he says on your marks get set go he claps the clapper and we run all the way around the field. and whoever wins they are the winner of cross country.when some of the kids were running the mud was splattering at the back of all of their t-shirt.         

when all of the other kids were running i couldn't catch up to them because they were way too faster than me but i still had to try and try until i get there maybe i was the last one to get there but it was okay i was nervous but i still tried.

all of the children had to wear house colours  
and we had groups it was green yellow blue and red when the cross country was finished we had a cup of water all of the year four was  hot and they were tired.  

Friday, 3 July 2015

Term 2 Fireworks MTV

Firework Aisha Saane Petesa from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Bouncy castle

On Friday half of Room 12 and 11 went down to the field when we climbed down the the stairs we were already in a big long line.when the other classes got a turn the line got smaller and smaller when we got our turn we were excited to have a go first we had to climb up the stairs next we had to wait for the person who is in front of you to have a turn. when i got a turn i did a big jump and then i slided we had to have two turns and then it was. the other classes turn we had to go back to class and do our homework.


on a starless night a old man lived in a lighthouse the old man was doing his home work and then the old man got angry because the other houses were having a party so he slammed the widow when he slammed the window all of the lights turned off so he claimed all the way up the lighthouse and when he got there he saw a big machine it was big and brown he looked all around it and he saw a big box of tools so he got the big box of tools and moved it away so then the old man saw a class and he opened it and there was nafiye inside he tried to lift it up but it was to heavy so he fell down and cracked the class he cracked it because he didn't know that the box of tools was behind him so he tripped and fell and then he got up and heard a boat horn and he saw it was nearly going to hit the big rocks when he just opened the door all of the other houses came to help him out so that the boat can know its nearly going to hit the big rocks so all of the people climbed all the way up the lighthouse and then the boat moved away when the boat moved away the they all lived happily ever after The End

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Swicth

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

A man was walking along, he noticed that he had spilt food on his tie. He carried on walking along and suddenly a box came out of nowhere and hit him in the head! He got angry and kicked the box.
When he looked around there were boxes everywhere. He noticed an unusual black box. The man clambered up a tower of grey boxes, when he got to the top he jumped on the unusual box but missed and he fell on the ground.
The bald man looked underneath the unusual box and saw a red button, he felt worried, but he pushed the red button anyway.
The box started to move and shake, faster and faster just when he thought it stop shaking the black box sucked his tie into itself and his tie got stuck in the black box.

The man couldn’t get himself out of the black box because it was too strong so the box sucked him right in and he was stuck in there for ever.

Friday, 29 May 2015


When Jimmy was toasting the Marshmallow he heard a scary
sound Jimmy turned around and he saw a scary slimy Monster

it had pointed teeth

When Jimmy turned around he pretend that the Marshmallow on
the stick was a sword  when Jimmy was standing the monster was
acting to be like a dog so Jimmy got the Marshmallow of the stick and then
the monster snatched the Marshmallow  of Jimmy so Jimmy got the
packet of Marshmallow and started to gave it to him when Jimmy got the last marshmallow then the monster turned evil..

and Jimmy started to run but then Jimmy found his pillows on the ground next to
his tent  so he got the pillow and blocked  him self and the monster took the pillow  of
Jimmy  so Jimmy ran as fast as he could the end

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Monday, 4 May 2015

undersea garden

Today the red critters reading group read a story called undersea gardens, he story was all about different types of seaweed and what they do in the ocean.he story was all about different types of seaweed and what they do in the ocean.i like the story because it showed all the kinds of like the garden Article by saane

Friday, 24 April 2015

Immersion Assebly

On Monday morning as soon as room 11 and 12 went into the hall we could see some of the teachers and some of the older girls and boys baking. We could see all kinds of stuff on the table. When we sat down Mr burt explained why they baked instead of giving us stickers, we went to the hall for an immersion assembly because it was the first day of School and we needed to find out what we are learning about. My favourite part of the Immersion Assembly was When Mr Barks very carefully carried out his hovercraft. His hovercraft was made successfully out of plywood plastic tape and a leaf blower. it was entertaining when Mr somerville went for an exciting ride on the Mr Barks hovercraft was magnifcent minion hovercraft glided smoothely across the stage. My Other favourite part was the three teachers acting to be like kids it was fnny because miss thompson and mrs sticklen and mr blakey were acting to be like kids i liked the teachers that was acting to be like kids

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

pt england

On Friday pt england school went down to the pt england beach  we went there because
it was a sunny and hot day and it was our picnic  day to so we had to pack all of our stuff.
then we were on our  way to  the pt england beach……….
my favourtie part was playing with the sand and my ather favourtie part

was playing with my friend .
my favourtie activity was to play with the sand..
i felt happy and exited

pt england school

On Friday pt england school went down to the pt england beach we went there because it was a sunny and hot day and it was our picnici day to so we had to pack all of our stuff. then we were on our way to the pt england beach……….