Friday, 24 April 2015

Immersion Assebly

On Monday morning as soon as room 11 and 12 went into the hall we could see some of the teachers and some of the older girls and boys baking. We could see all kinds of stuff on the table. When we sat down Mr burt explained why they baked instead of giving us stickers, we went to the hall for an immersion assembly because it was the first day of School and we needed to find out what we are learning about. My favourite part of the Immersion Assembly was When Mr Barks very carefully carried out his hovercraft. His hovercraft was made successfully out of plywood plastic tape and a leaf blower. it was entertaining when Mr somerville went for an exciting ride on the Mr Barks hovercraft was magnifcent minion hovercraft glided smoothely across the stage. My Other favourite part was the three teachers acting to be like kids it was fnny because miss thompson and mrs sticklen and mr blakey were acting to be like kids i liked the teachers that was acting to be like kids

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