Friday, 26 August 2016

Saane Winning Gold!

Winning Gold!

Walt: create mood in our writing

I am at the Rio Olympics 2016 I am standing on the podium and I can hear people Screaming,Shouting and crying I was so nervous and excited when the judges gave me my Gold medal I heard big and loud booms fireworks finally the fireworks were louder than the normal fireworks when I looked around the at people it was like there was almost 2000 people I saw my Family Crying. I could smell nice foods that my family had made and the other people and I could smell Smoke from the fireworks.

The judges had gave me a beautiful big Gold medal I felt so proud about myself because I made my Family smile and cry when I was Standing on the podium I heard people taking pictures.

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  1. Hi Saane
    I like your writing it was very interesting and Amazing I liked the part when you said about your feelings. I liked your juice words.