Friday, 29 May 2015


When Jimmy was toasting the Marshmallow he heard a scary
sound Jimmy turned around and he saw a scary slimy Monster

it had pointed teeth

When Jimmy turned around he pretend that the Marshmallow on
the stick was a sword  when Jimmy was standing the monster was
acting to be like a dog so Jimmy got the Marshmallow of the stick and then
the monster snatched the Marshmallow  of Jimmy so Jimmy got the
packet of Marshmallow and started to gave it to him when Jimmy got the last marshmallow then the monster turned evil..

and Jimmy started to run but then Jimmy found his pillows on the ground next to
his tent  so he got the pillow and blocked  him self and the monster took the pillow  of
Jimmy  so Jimmy ran as fast as he could the end

1 comment:

  1. Hi saane its petesa i like your marshmallow its very cool i hoop that you can do that it school because you are nice