Friday, 3 June 2016

Saane Narrative - Will He Save Her

Start Writing Here:
It was a dark night and a woman was working at the shop  her name was Emily it was about 8:o clock and Emily was closing the shop.Suddenly a joker came and pushed Emily into a deep lake Superman was walking  past the shop and he heard a woman shouting HELP HElP Superman jumped into the lake and grabbed the lady and saved her she said thank you  Superman and Superman said it’s ok if something wrong happens to you again you can tell me said Superman. Ok said Emily
What happened said Superman i was just going to close the shop but then someone pushed me into the deep lake did you see who it was said Superman
I only saw the face and it was smiling at me with lipstick around it’s lip’s Joker  Superman said  thank you for telling me who it was no thank you said Emily
The End

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