Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Once upon a time there were 3 people fishing on each boat. Their names were Cj , Anna and Chris. While they were fishing a big wave was coming but they didn’t see or hear it because they were too far away. The wave was coming closer and closer then WHOOSH! They all shouted for help but no one could hear them, the wave pushed them to another island that they didn't know  it was a small island.

They had no food to eat so Chris checked his big bag And there was nothing but fishing materials so he had an idea he gave Cj and Anna each Fishing stick then they went into the water and started fishing again. When they were finish it started to get darker so they needed to find some sticks. To do the fire they split up and then went into the forest a while. Later they got back they made the fire then they got a big stick and they the top bit in the fire then they saw.

A big white light flickering so then they started jumping and waving their sticks up high. Then they went in the water shouting for the boat to come then the boat started moving fast and faster and the boat came closer then they got in.

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