Friday, 17 March 2017

Team 4 Camp

Last week Wednesday team 4 had the school Camp.
On the field we saw loads of tents and one big tent that was in front of  the tents that we were going to sleep in when we got there we had to line up in the hall and Mr Somerville had to call the team's up and tell them where to go.

Camp is when the year 6 and 5 go Camp on the school field and the teachers pick which team we get into and once we get into our group we learn a dance that we have to do for our dance night.We started Camp Last week wednesday we started Camp because Mr Burt said that at all schools they don’t have camp so he said that he want’s to make it more fun and not make it boring. The activities we did was Get lost, killer zone and last but not least the bike track  

My favorite part was when we went to the swimming pool because we did all kind of cool stuff.
Like we go sideways or we just get our boards and swim with it.
Thank you to all the parents and teachers that helped for the school Camp because if they weren't here then we won't be able to have Camp.  

What I learned about is that you  have to always be kind and be there in the right time right place and right attitude.  

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